If you love the beauty of Bannerman Island then please donate to help keep its structures standing and preserve its historical significance.

Most people in the Hudson Valley know of Bannerman Island or they've at least seen it either in person or in a picture on social media. As someone who's been there I can honestly say that pictures can't do Bannerman Island justice.

Though the pictures look fantastic you really can't capture how breathtaking the island and the castle is once you've been there and actually stood next to it.

The Bannerman castle Trust needs your support to keep the walls up and the lights on at the gem in the community.

Bannerman island is technically a part of the Hudson Highlands State Park but the island doesn't receive funding and grounds maintenance like other parks throughout the Hudson Valley. Many of the people who help with tours, gardens and repairs are volunteers who work tirelessly to preserve the island's magnificence. Two journeymen from Local Union 373, Mike Vahsen and Luis Rosado have designed museum-style display cabinets to showcase military surplus items that were once warehoused in the castle's arsenal and save some of the significant pieces on the island

You can brush up on some local history and assist with purchasing building materials for the displays by attending a special screening of filmmaker, Bayley Silleck's recently released documentary about Francis Bannerman VI, the legendary man who built the island's massive estate.

Story Screen Beacon Theater is hosting this charitable event on the evening of Thursday, August 12. Each ticket is just $17 and can be purchased at the theater's website or at the box office. The proceeds from all the tickets sold will help fund the previously mentioned project to share Bannerman Island's rich history with future tour guests.

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You can always donate monetarily here or even become a sponsor of the Bannerman Island Trust.

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