Nothing says a relaxing day in the Hudson Valley quite like yoga. Now, throw a llama into the equation and you've got yourself one of the most unique Hudson Valley experiences.

You've heard of goat yoga and even cat yoga, but Clover Brooke Farm in Hyde Park is upping the ante with llama yoga. On May 28th guest will be welcomed to  Clover Brooke Farm to partake in beginners level yoga with their friendly llamas, alpacas and "whimsical goats." Llamaste Yoga will take place un Clover Brooke Farms newly constructed pavilion.

Clover Brooke adds that Llama Youga will be  "Taught by Yoga instructor Virginia Bocchicchio, followed by a hands on felting class, creating your own Lavender Loofah by Andrea Parent-Tibbetts."

Not only will Llama Yoga be offered on May 28th, but you'll also be able to walk a goat. All the proceeds from Llama Yoga and the goat walk will go to Dutchess Count 4H Club. Clover Brooke writes:

Dutchess County 4-H is a collection of programs that provide youth, ages 5-19, with the mentoring and support to grow and thrive regardless of their background, interests and abilities.

4H is an important part of Dutchess County agrilculture. Clover Brooke continues:

The Dutchess County 4-H Club Program has evolved from it's rural agricultural roots. While we are proud of our strong agricultural programs, we are excited to provide other outlets for youth to explore and grow in, such as arts, crafts and technology. Embracing differences and welcoming diversity, 4-H offers a place for all Dutchess County youth to grow and thrive

To purchase your tickets for Llama Yoga and the charity goat walk visit to register.

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