UPDATE: To the vaccination/dancing procedure at Billy Joe's. Starting this Tuesday June 1st country line dancing returns to Billy Joe's. We previously reported that to be able to line dance you would need to show proof of vaccination. The guidelines have now changed as Billy Joe's won't require you to bring proof, or show any sort of card or anything to dance. They are going to work on the honor system, if you say you've been vaccinated and your being truthful, you will be able to dance.

It's finally happening!!!

It's been over a year since line dancing fans from all across the Hudson Valley were able to dance at Billy Joes Ribworks on the Newburgh waterfront. After a long hiatus, the time has come to reopen the dance floor!!!

Country line dancing returns to Billy Joe's on Tuesday, June 1 starting at 8PM with me, CJ from the Wolf playing all your favorite country line dancing music. We will have to follow some strict rules to be able to make this happen, but if your anything like me, I'll do just about anything to get back out on the deck under the stars for the summer at Billy Joe's.

To be able to line dance this and every Tuesday at Billy Joe's you MUST be fully vaccinated!!! All guests that plan on line dancing will need to bring proof that they are fully vaccinated to be able to enter the dance floor. My advice is to put your vaccination card with your state-issued ID and bring both with you so you can join in on the fun this and every Tuesday night.

If you want to come out and enjoy some great BBQ, drinks and watch the fun, Billy Joes will have a table ready for you and your friends, but to get out on the dance floor YOU MUST BRING PROOF that you're fully vaccinated. Music starts at 8 p.m. and goes until 11 p.m. every Tuesday night starting June 1st.

Billy Joes will continue to follow strict safety protocols and all current state guidelines, so don’t forget to bring your vaccination cards! To stay up to date, follow Billy Joe's on Facebook and Instagram @ribworks.

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