Become a real-life Hustler by taking pole dancing fitness classes in the Hudson Valley.

If you're looking to take your fitness to another level, you can do it right here in the Hudson Valley. And I mean literally take your fitness to another level, up in the air level. Believe it or not, pole dancing fitness classes are a big trend and you can take them right here in the Hudson Valley.

I've actually taken pole dancing fitness classes before and I can personally attest to how much of a GREAT workout it is. I'll be honest: it hurts. You won't feel sexy at first. You know what an Indian burn feels like? You know, the twisting of your skin? Imagine that sensation on your body wherever the pole touches. BUT I can promise you do get used to the feeling. Yes, you'll bruise, you might even bleed, but it's a blast. Here are three studios in the Hudson Valley where you can learn to pole dance:

I've personally been to Hudson Valley Pole Arts and Embody Pole Dance Studio. They're both great but Hudson Valley Pole Arts is definitely my favorite. If you're looking for some advice, I suggest wearing the shortest shorts you have. I mean underwear short, and it's okay to wear underwear too! Don't put on any lotion the day of class. Most importantly, show up at least 5 minutes early to class and 10 minutes if you've never been to the studio before. Be respectful of the teachers and other students-while it's a sexy workout, it's still an education process. Definitely enjoy yourself though!

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