Back in March, we told you that there would be a popular Hudson Valley pierogi opening a shop in Kingston and that you would have to wait until May to visit them in their new shop. Well, good news Hudson Valley all went as planned and the Krupa Brothers Pieroge shop is now officially open for business in their brand new shop.

According to the Krupa Brothers Pierogi Company's Facebook page, they officially opened their shop at 23 W. Strand Street in Kingston on May 1st, 2022 as scheduled at 10 AM with a ribbon-cutting.  So now the rest will be delicious pierogi making history. Krupa Brothers already have an amazing reputation in the Hudson Valley for making tasty pierogis.

You've Never Had a Pierogi Much Less one from Kingston, NY

Krupa Brothers Pierogi Company via Facebook - with Kielbasa by Smoke House of the Catskills
Krupa Brothers Pierogi Company via Facebook - with Kielbasa by Smoke House of the Catskills

Pierogis are simply put, the most amazing pocket of food you can enjoy. It may be my dumpling-loving soul saying this but who would turn away a dumpling stuffed with things like potato, cheese, and other savory or even sweet fillings. And after they are boiled your can pan fry them in butter. Now you are ready to try one.

Even though the shop is open Krupa Brothers can still be found around New York and Connecticut. Their Facebook page for the new shop list places where you can still get the Krupa Brothers Pierogi in addition to their new location in Kingston. They are sold in Connecticut at LaBonnes Market in Prospect, Salisbury, Watertown, and Woodbury plus Local Gourmet in Southbury. In New York you can buy their product at Damn Good Honey Farm in Kerhonkson, Adam's Fair Acre Farms in Kingston, and the Half Moon Roundout Cafe also in Kingston.

Krupa Brothers Pierogi Company via Facebook
Krupa Brothers Pierogi Company via Facebook

Krupa Brothers Pierogis Company is Now Open in Kingston, NY

Hopefully, you can get to the new location for your next batch of pierogis but whatever you do make sure you keep the list of their locations top of mind because the new shop is only open Thursday thru Sunday from 9 AM to 2 PM. If you are having a pierogi craving on a Monday and you haven't planned ahead you are going to need to stop into one of the other businesses making Krupa Brother's pierogis available in the Hudson Valley.

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