So you are thinking about swinging by the liquor store on the way over to your family's house, but will it be open? Ok, so maybe you can't buy wine or liquor, but when can you buy beer?

For some reason, New York State has to make it so confusing as to when you can legally purchase alcohol at a retail store. This was one of the most confusing things about New York when I first moved here. When I moved to Dutchess County, I had no idea that you had to buy wine and liquor at a separate store, and you had to do it Monday through Saturday 9 AM to 7 PM. And then you couldn't buy anything anywhere on a Sunday.

Fast forward to about 30 years later when Dutchess County finally joined in and had legally changed their hours to those that are similar to Orange County and Ulster County.

If you are looking to purchase wine and liquor, you can do that any time between the hours of 9 AM and 9 PM Monday through Saturday, and then on Sundays, you can shop starting at 9 AM. Then depending on where you are, you can shop until 6 PM or 9 PM on Sunday. Nowhere in the entire state of New York, can you purchase wine or liquor at a retail store before noon on a Sunday.

Looking to buy beer? Those are completely different hours. For retail purchases of beer, which you can buy at the grocery store, quicky mart, or places like Rite Aid or CVS, you can buy beer starting at 8 AM and do so through 3 AM at those places.

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