Do you ever feel like you are forever saying "this is just my luck" or, "seriously, how does this stuff keep happening to me?"

In my family, we call these things TT, short for Typical Turco, and they happen far more often than we'd like.

For example, a few years back I was living in MA and made plans to meet up with my family in Waterbury, CT, middle point for everyone.  We picked a restaurant, set a time, and off we all drove...only to find that the restaurant had gone out of business, the day before - #TT.

Then, the week leading up to my bridal shower, I get a frantic call from my mom and sister saying, well, uh, we need to find a new location for Saturday (this was Thursday), as the venue had a huge fire and couldn't host the party.  They made it work at a new venue but when I walked in everyone was wearing plastic firefighter hats - #TT.

The other day my sister and brother in law drove 30 minutes to a store to buy something for a project in their house to find that the store's security gate was stuck and nobody, including the employees, could get into the place - #TT.

My latest adventure in the land of just my luck was not one, but two double payments drafted from my bank account IN. THE. SAME. WEEK.  The first was a result of moving and changing my address, so the car payment didn't go through because there was a different address on file, I submitted the payment and then the auto-draft came out, cool.

The second in this series was a WHOPPER, my MORTGAGE came out 2x last week, that one hurt.  Holiday falling on the first of the month + a new auto pay plan for the mortgage = bad news for me.

These are just a few of our favorite #TT moments.  Do you find yourself in these situations, or like us, have a saying to categorize your "just my luck" events?

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