As the weather warms up in the Hudson Valley, it would be the perfect time to explore the hidden gems of the Hudson Valley. Day trips throughout the Hudson Valley are convenient, fun and could be inexpensive.

Woodstock, NY is located in Ulster County. Many celebrities visited the area and the idea of having the original, 1969 Woodstock Festival in Woodstock was the plan.

The Town of Woodstock shared, that Woodstock, NY was settled in the mid 1700's. During the 1800's, this area moved towards more of an industrial idea.

They also shared,

"With urban expansion in the mid-nineteenth century, Woodstockers also turned to quarrying bluestone along the base of Overlook and Ohayo Mountain for shipment to cities such as New York and Philadelphia."

During the 19th century, visitors from New York City made their way up to the Woodstock, NY area for the summer months.

Today, Woodstock, NY is the home to beautiful nature trails, a historic theater, locally owned shops and eateries, the oldest arts and crafts colony and more. 

I enjoy visiting Woodstock, NY to visit the local shops that are filled with good vibes, jewelry, incense, smiling faces and art. The last time that I visited this area, I came across a drum circle with many people joining in to play, dance and laugh on a warm, sunny day.

The Ultimate Day Trip Around Woodstock, NY

This Ulster County area has a wide variety of different things for all ages to explore.

A majestic cornfield, historic theater, cafe and hidden waterfall awaits those who visit Woodstock, NY.

Gallery Credit: Allison Kay, Facebook, Woodstock Land Conservancy, Candlestock, Woodstock Guild

How would you spend your day trip in Woodstock, NY? Where is your favorite place to explore when visiting this area? Share more below.

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