College holds fond memories for those who spent time studying, learning and growing into the next step of their lives.

It's not everyday that we hear of some of New York state colleges closing. When the announcement was made about an upstate New York college to close, it appears that Facebook users and alumni were shocked and saddened by the news.

While the college did close, it appears that it's being used to help individuals continue to grow and overall, help make the world a safer place.

Why Did Cazenovia College Close?

Canva, Facebook, Cazenovia College
Canva, Facebook, Cazenovia College

Cazenovia College was located in Cazenovia, NY.

In the past, Cazenovia College shared that they were closing because of "financial concerns." They continued to share that when it came time to enroll students for the 2023-2024 season, they wouldn't be able to.

Cazenovia College explained that "current financial challenges'' were something that they couldn't overcome. They shared that they went through challenging times in the past including the Great Depression along with World War II and more events.

Cazenovia College also explained how this hard decision came into play with "the global pandemic and skyrocketing inflation". It was hard for small, private colleges to even maintain the level of enrollment.

The final result of making the difficult decision to close this college was also related to

" the recent uncertainty in the bond and stock markets made it exceedingly difficult to refinance the bond debt which came due in September. "

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When Did Cazenovia College Permanently Close?

Cazenovia College stated that they would permanently close after the spring semester. While alumni and those who had memories at this college were upset, it could have been a relief to hear that these grounds would be a place that would continue to offer learning to people as well.

Governor Kathy Hochul made an announcement about Cazenovia College and what it would ultimately turn into.

What's Was The Plan For The Site Of Cazenovia College After It Closed?

Governor Kathy Hochul confirmed that Cazenovia College was a location that was selected to be the site of a police academy.

Hochul shared that the New York State Police would lease this former location of Cazenovia College as a new State Police Auxiliary Academy. While some residents were shocked by the news, others believe that this is a good location for the closed college. Governor Hochul shared, 

“This expansion will also create opportunities for more candidates, which will support the State Police’s mission to diversify and grow its ranks."

Hochul shared the excitement behind the police academy's first class which was set to take place in October 2023.

Cazenovia College Is Now A New State Police Auxiliary Academy In Cazenovia, NY





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The former grounds of Cazenovia College are now a new state police auxiliary academy.

Governor Hochul also shared,

"This initiative will allow the State Police to increase the number of Community Stabilization Units around the state from 16 to 25."

New York State.Gov explained that the space at Cazenovia College would allow up to 275 recruits along with 115 instructors as well.

"The first Basic School Class at the Cazenovia auxiliary academy is scheduled to start in October of 2023."

On social media, the New York State Police have shared pictures and information about members of the 214th Basic School at the New York State Police Auxiliary Academy in Cazenovia, NY.

New York State explained that 

"The New York State Police Academy, located in Albany, along with a second facility in Cazenovia, NY, stands ready to train the next generation of State Troopers."

What do you think about Cazenovia College turning into the New York State Police Auxiliary Academy? What college do you have fond memories of? Share more with us below.

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