How did these guys get here?

The Hudson Valley is well known for the various types of wildlife that we have roaming our area. Depending on where you live there are a variety of animals that you'll see on a daily basis. Deer, raccoon, and skunks are just about everywhere but have you noticed that we have begun seeing more and more "rare" animals on the loose in and around the Hudson Valley?

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Just last week we told you about the moose that was on the loose in parts of Dutchess County. The "bull moose" was spotted in Hyde Park one day and in Red Hook the next. So far this week we haven't heard about the moose's current location but we do know that in the Mahopac Falls area of Putnam County, there's a different type of animal running wild!

Carmel Police Department/Facebook
Carmel Police Department/Facebook

Goats on the Loose in Putnam County, New York

It was an average fall afternoon in Putnam County when things went from normal to weird quickly for the Carmel Police Department. According to a post on their Facebook page, they were dispatched to a call of wildlife running wild on a roadway. As you can see in the video below, once officers arrived on the scene it was clear that they were going to be "cowboy" tested as 30+ goats were running all over the place.

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Carmel Police Department/Facebook
Carmel Police Department/Facebook

Carmel Police Officers Corral Goats

Carmel Police Officer DeSantola, along with one of our favorite K9 officers Pietro, a German Shepherd, quickly jumped into action and began corralling the goats back into their pen. The officers worked so well together that rumors have started that they might take their cowboy skills on the road in the future...LOL! Police didn't say how the goats got loose but thankfully the Carmel Police Department was there to quickly get the situation under control.

We love the music choice for the video!! The police department ended its post on Facebook saying "Nice job, K9 Cowboy."

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