A Dutchess County, New York school district has announced they will be dismissing students early on April 8th.

If you haven't heard about it yet, there is something we are expecting to witness in the sky on Monday, April 8th, that once it happens, it won't happen again in our lifetimes. A total solar eclipse is expected to be visible along a specific "track" stretching from parts of Texas all the way to Maine.

The eclipse has many excited to witness something that hasn't fully happened this way since 1925 and won't happen again until 2144.


New York Schools Closed on April 8th

Earlier this month we told you that a few schools in select regions of New York had announced that they were planning to give students and staff April 8th off from school due to the eclipse.

The majority of the schools closing are in Western New York, with Erie County closing 27 of its 28 public school districts on April 8th. Buffalo City School District, the second largest in New York is also giving its approximately 32,000 students and staff the day off.


Why Are New York Schools Closed?

The schools that are closed on April 8th cited a couple of reasons why they decided to close with Erie County saying traffic concerns as the main reason.

The solar eclipse is expected to be fully visible in the region around 3:18 p.m. and with Erie County expecting over one million tourists to flock to the region to see it they are expecting major traffic issues. Hopefully, by taking school buses off area roads traffic will run a little smoother.


Hudson Valley School Announces Early Dismissal on April 8th

The folks in the Red Hook Central School in Red Hook, New York have announced that they are going to run on an early dismissal schedule on Monday, April 8th because of the solar eclipse according to its Facebook page.

The school district posted a message last week saying,

"Red Hook schools will be dismissing early on Monday, 4/8, to eliminate potential disruptions later in the day transporting students home during the solar eclipse."


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Will the Solar Eclipse be Visible in the Hudson Valley?

NASA shared the expected path of the eclipse earlier this month and it stated that it will most likely not be fully visible in the area, but who knows???....LOL! Red Hook schools are the only Hudson Valley school district to announce any schedule changes on April 8th so far, but if that changes we will update this article.

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