Fraudsters and scammers have a number of ways they target their victims. And with so many people becoming more dependant on the internet for their jobs, it seems the avenue of opportunities for potential scammers has only gotten easier.

Some will even claim to be a victim's family member, or pose as a representative from an organization in order to get the victim's personal information.

Police in the Hudson Valley say a resident in Bedford was conned out of tens of thousands of dollars recenlty. And the whole con job began with a simple pop-pop on their computer screen, says authorities.

Westchester Resident Reportedly Scammed By Person Posing As Representative, Says Police 

The Bedford Police Department posted on their Facebook page on the evening of April 18, police received a report from an individual who had been scammed out of $28,000 cash earlier in the day.

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The victim told police they received a pop-up security alert appearing to be from “Microsoft” on their home computer. The alert included a phone number to call for support. The victim, who believed they were speaking to Microsoft, was advised that a cash payment was required to safeguard their accounts and complete the repairs.

Bedford Police say they arrested a 48-year-old person from Brooklyn, who was arraigned in the Town of Bedford Justice Court where he was charged with 2nd degree grand larceny.

Police say this is an active investigation involving multiple agencies and jurisdictions. Additional charges are expected, says police.

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