Newburgh Brewing Company says “It’s been a long road for the beer pipeline", as the company finally addresses the rumors that beer will soon start flowing directly to select homes in the city.

Back in 2022, residents of Newburgh, New York began hearing rumblings of a project to deliver beer from home to home through an ambitious engineering project. The plan was to install an intricate network of pipes from the Newburgh Brewing Company on South Colden Street to a series of residences.

The idea is not too different from a beer pipeline that already exists in Belgium. De Halve Maan Brewery in Brugge pumps enough beer under the city to fill 12,000 bottles an hour. Unfortunately, this pipeline is strictly used to move beer from one facility to another across town. Customers do not have access to free-flowing beer in their kitchens.

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Newburgh, New York Beer Pipeline is Born

The beer pipeline rumor began when a mysterious construction project started to upend streets near the brewery. Paul Halayko of the Newburgh Brewing Company was sharing information on social media about how the construction would impact business hours and parking when he let the cat out of the bag. a photo of massive pipes sitting in front of the brewery was captioned, "Thousands and thousands of gallons of MegaBoss will soon be pumping through these, reaching all throughout the City of Newburgh."

Although the construction was actually part of Newburg's massive sewer replacement project, people began to believe Halayko's story. At the time, the brewery president and CEO started the idea of a beer pipeline as a way to make fun out of a very stressful situation, but then people started buying it.

This was as good a way as any for us to have a little fun with it. And our customers did too. Except for the ones who thought we were serious. Sorry to let them down.


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Newburgh Beer Pipeline Rumor Laid to Rest Once and For All

No matter how many times Halayko explained that it was just a joke, the dream of free-flowing beer was just too good to let go. After two years of customers constantly inquiring about how to get their home hooked into the beer pipeline, the Newburgh Brewing Company took to Instagram to finally put the rumor to rest.

An "important" announcement appeared on the brewery's Instagram page with instructions on how to handle friends and family who refuse to admit the rumor isn't true.

Even Though There's no Pipeline, Beer Will Still Flow to Your Home

While the dream of beer coming out of a tap in your wall isn't going to come true anytime soon, Newburgh Brewing Company's delivery service will still make sure you can keep the beer flowing.

Instead of coming to your house through a pipe, the brewery sends cans, cases or kegs to homes within a 25-mile radius every Thursday. Orders can be made online up to 9pm every Wednesday.

At the end of the day, as long as you have some cold Megaboss in your house does it really matter how it got there?

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