Big changes will be happening at one Hudson Valley location.

Being able to go out to eat means so much more when you become a working adult. After a long stressful week it feels great to be able to not cook, enjoy a good meal and drink...that someone else made.

I've only been to the Bear Mountain Inn once, but the time I spent there was awesome. The drive up was beautiful, the atmosphere was great and anything I had to eat or drink was delicious. A recent post on the Bear Mountain Inn Facebook page caught the attention of a lot of people and it looks like some big (good) things will be happening there.

What changes will be coming to the Bear Mountain Inn in the Hudson Valley?

According to their post, they will be offering expanded services at restaurant 1915 there that includes a brunch and afternoon tea.


I'm not the biggest tea fan, but I would be to have a nice old fashioned afternoon tea time. Having these expanded and different services will surely help them attract new people and customers.

If you click here. you can check out all of the awesome options for their tea time.

We hope many people go to the Bear Mountain Inn and enjoy these great extra services, let us know if you go on the station app 

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