Last week all the buzz in the East Fishkill/Hopewell Junction area was surrounding a mobile dispensary that had set up shop in a prominent spot in town, seemingly out of nowhere. Questions of it's legality, credibility, and how long it would be stationed in this particular location swirled around town, especially in social media posts.

seansdispensarybus, East Fishkill Community Forum
seansdispensarybus, East Fishkill Community Forum

Well, less than a week later, the mobile dispensary is gone, but not after a pretty dramatic exit, which happened to be caught on video.

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'Weed Bus' Removed From Hopewell Junction Parking Lot

On Monday February 26th, photos and videos began popping up in the East Fishkill Community Forum as the 'Weed Bus' was taken away via a flatbed truck, with police vehicles, lights on, following behind.

Once again, commentary ranged from outrage that this dispensary on wheels 'wasn't hurting anyone,' to sighs of relief that the eyesore and 'illegal operation' was no longer in 'our town.'

One local resident, who gained a lot of attention on the multiple videos she posted, even created a catchy little soundtrack as the bus traveled to its final destination Monday, which appeared to be behind the East Fishkill Police Department.

Local Assemblyman Issues Statement Regarding Vending Practices

Assemblyman Anil Beephan expressed some thoughts regarding the situation, and like many the focus was not regarding 'the marijuana debate,' but rather appropriate licensing and compliance in an area of NYS that has made it clear they have opted out of such sales.

I got involved because the New York State Office of Cannabis Management must license marijuana vendors. The DispensaryBus, unlicensed and operating a gifting scheme, raised serious alarms. After hearing horror stories from neighboring areas, learning of his blatant disregard for law enforcement requests to leave, and considering East Fishkill's opt-out status, I needed to ensure all parties knew about the violations. Grateful for law enforcement's actions, I believe in proper licensing for the safety of users and customers.

Beephan's letter to the Office of Cannabis Management, Attorney General James, State Police, and local officials can be found below, and linked here.


While it appears that the mobile dispensary, or 'weed bus' has been impounded, we are awaiting official comment from local police on the status of this ongoing situation.

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