This seems to be happening more and more often, nearly 1/3rd of Americans are currently sleeping in separate beds from their partners?  That may sound high but wait until you hear about New York.

What Is 'Sleep Divorce'

It's called "Sleep Divorce" but what is it? Sleep divorce is when couples decide that they need a good nights sleep so they can function. They don't want to be grouchy, so they decide to give each other a peck and then head to their own bedroom.

According to a survey by MattressNextDay, only 36% of couples never sleep separately. On the other hand, 14% percent always sleep separately to make sure they both get a good night's sleep. 11% sneak away to their own bedroom a couple of nights a week or from Monday to Friday.

So, which states in the U.S. are having the most "sleep divorces"? Georgia has the highest number of couples with their own sleep space at 51%, followed by New York where 40% of couples say they're all about sleep divorcing.

New Jersey is third as 39% of people sleep in a bed away from their partner. It seems that snoring, different sleep schedules, and disruptive sleep are some of the reasons couples choose to sleep separately.

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According to sleep expert Martin Seeley, sleeping apart can improve sleep quality, especially when dealing with these issues. He suggests having a relaxed bedtime routine together, respecting each other's space, and trying out a trial period to see if the separate sleep arrangement works.

Every relationship is different, so what works for one couple may not work for another. The most important thing to remember is that everyone in the house gets enough sleep. If you've ever dealt with an exhausted partner, you know that they're no fun to be around!

This reminds me of that old joke: Don't wake up grouchy! Let him sleep while you listen to the morning show on the radio.

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