Did you know that in New York waters, there is a common fish species that can put up quite a fight and potentially drag a person under the water?

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Known as the muskellunge or 'muskies,' they are the largest freshwater sportfish in New York and are highly sought after by anglers as the ultimate trophy catch.

Although incidents of attacks are rare and typically happen when a person is dangling their feet in the water off a boat or dock, there have been news reports of muskies dragging people underwater.

One such incident involved a woman who was wading in water near a dock when a muskie chomped onto her leg and pulled her under. Fortunately, she was able to be rescued by nearby friends and family.

Muskellunge are torpedo-shaped fish with a large mouth and long, pointed teeth. They have green-gold to light brown coloring on their back, head, and upper sides, and cream-colored or pearly-white bellies.

These predatory fish primarily rely on sight to capture prey, which can include a variety of species such as minnows, gamefish, muskrats, ducks, mice, and frogs. They can grow quite large, with some individuals reaching up to 30 years old and consuming prey up to 2/3 of their own body length.

The muskellunge is known for its fighting spirit and aerial acrobatics, often leaping out of the water and trying to shake the hook. They are capable of dragging the line under the boat or wrapping it around submerged obstacles. Hooking a muskie is a thrilling experience for freshwater anglers and one that they are unlikely to forget.

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