This is never an easy discussion and it certainly isn't romantic, it's the conversation about the prenuptial agreement. You might not want to talk about it before getting married, but it's an important one

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Prenups can give legal protection and financial security for both partners when a divorce happens. So why don't more New Yorkers taking advantage of online prenups?

One possible reason is that we are known for being financially wise. We assume that we don't need a prenup because we know how to protect ourselves financially.. Well, we all know what happens when we assume.

Another reason could be our attitude. New York is known for love and it's romance, so the idea of talking about legal and money matters before marriage isn't needed. Prenuptial agreements can be seen as unromantic or lacking of trust in our partner.

Here's the thing, it's important to remember that prenups aren't just about protecting ourselves financially. It can also help with our expectations once we are married. This can also help to avoid conflicts before they happen.

Preparing a prenup online

The rise of online platforms like Formrush has helped making a prenuptial agreement easier. The couples can go online to draft an agreements that suits everyone involved. Online prenups are affordable, and can be completed from the comfort of your own home.

If financial security and peace of mind are important to you, it might be worth thinking about an online prenup. It's not romantic for sure but it can let everyone involved know the expectations and foundation for the marriage.

It's not easy but it is important to have that open conversation and honest talk with your partner. We've all heard horror stories about couples that didn't have a prenup and everything went completely sideways. I didn't have a prenup and was fortunate that my partner didn't try to take me to the cleaners and I thank her for that.

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