Edward Tandler, also known as "Eddy," went missing on June 24, 2005, after leaving a friend's home on Route 34 and Cowell Road in Spencer, New York.

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At the time he vanished, Eddie mentioned to his friends that he was heading to Ithaca but never arrived there. All of his personal belongings were left behind at the residence.

Tandler, who would now be 63 years old, had relocated from Brooklyn to Spencer in 2003 and was living a transient lifestyle, occasionally residing in his car.

Before his disappearance, Tandler informed a neighbor that he needed to return his car's license plates at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in Ithaca. However, he never reached the DMV and has not been heard from since. Tandler was reported missing on June 30.

Notably, Tandler left behind all of his possessions, including his car, driver's license, former job's postal service identification, skin medicine, photographs of his daughter, and his prized mineral collection.

Before vanishing, Tandler had a connection with Abraham Shorey. Shorey was believed to have been responsible for a series of over 20 break-ins and assaults targeting Cornell University women between 2003 and 2004.  Shorey fled while on bail, and Tandler assisted Shorey's fiancee and her six children during that time.

via The Charly Projct
via The Charly Projct

After Tandler's disappearance, Shorey was arrested in California. Although Shorey was reportedly not in Ithaca or Spencer when Tandler went missing, there was speculation at the time regarding his potential involvement.

In 2008, the Tompkins County District Attorney announced that Shorey, the suspected "Collegetown Creeper," would not face trial for charges of burglary and sexual abuse. At the time of the announcement, Shorey was serving a six-year prison term in California.

Tandler, a former postal worker, grew up in Brooklyn. The circumstances surrounding his disappearance remain unclear. If anyone has any information about Edward Tandler, they are encouraged to contact the Tioga County Sheriff's Office at 607-687-1010.

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