Your craving for coffee might have to wait the next time you hit up a Starbucks.

The store is ready to make a change that will bring much-needed relief to its workers while also possibly causing frustration for some customers.

Starbucks To Change Ordering System

Ever been to a Starbucks that's swamped with frustrated coffee-seekers and baristas scurrying as fast as possible to keep up while people easily walk in and out with their mobile orders?

Mobile orders at Starbucks
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That scene is about to change. Bloomberg recently reported that the coffee chain is planning to change the app used in-store by employees in January. The adjustment is being made to help overwhelmed crews catch up on customer orders.

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According to Bloomberg's report, the new feature on the in-store employee app will allow shift supervisors and managers to halt mobile orders.

"Reasons for a halt include higher-than-expected volume, or when employee absences are negatively impacting the Starbucks Experience," Bloomberg said.

Who Has The Fastest Drive-Thru Coffee?

This change could potentially ruin the mornings of people who prefer to grab a mobile order instead of sitting in a drive-thru line. According to The Sun, 31.2 million people placed orders through the Starbucks app in 2021.

Average wait times for drive thru coffee
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The outlet also reported 62% of Americans said they drank coffee every day during that same period. That potentially leaves Starbucks customers who don't want to wait seeking alternatives that are also crowded during their morning commute.

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According to Daily Meal, Dunkin' has the fastest drive-thru time with an average wait of 2.9 minutes. McDonald's is next on the list with an average time for 3.98 minutes. Starbucks trails both of them with an average drive-thru time of 4.44 minutes.

It will be interesting to see what impact a pause in Starbucks mobile orders will have on its drive-thru wait times.

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