I am personally fascinate by Owls. When I was small the Museum of teh Hudson Highlands in Cornwall had an owl and he was my favorite part of the field trip every year. If I hear them at night at my house I will sit outside and listen to them talk back and forth for a ridiculous amount of time. Every chance I get to see them up close at an exhibit or an event I go. I know I am not alone with this obsession due to the fact that there is always a crowd at an Owl event.

So now that you know about me and my owl craze it won't surprise you that I have found a local event with owls I think you should put on your calendar. An group called Wild Mountain Birds will be at The Hoot Owl Restaurant on May 5th from 2 pm to 4 pm. Mark your calendar and make a plan to there for the Barred Owls, Screech Owls and a few other raptors. You will be able to get up close, take photos and most importantly learn about "birding". Plus the Hoot Owl will have food and drink inside.

The event is free but donations are appreciated. All money received goes right back to the birds. It will help pay for food, medicine and the facilities used to rehabilitate nearly 400 hundred birds each year. For information on the event contact The Hoot at 845 - 670 - 4688. Fun for all ages. Come enjoy learning about owls and other raptors plus you can enjoy food and drinks with friends.

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