We are all looking for fun things to do this time of year. Apple picking and pumpkin picking tend to top the list. Throw in a trip to your favorite brewery and you have a fun Hudson Valley Fall weekend afternoon. But what if told you that after your hike or your bike trip you could enjoy a great meal and a visit with some pretty cool Hudson Valley Wild Mountain Birds?

The Hoot Owl Restaurant in Pine Bush has announced on their Facebook page that for the first time in two years they are able to bring back one of their favorite fall events. Unfortunately the COVID-19 Pandemic got in the way of the Hoot Owls annual event last year. This year nothing is stopping The Hoot Owl from inviting Anne Mardiney and the Wild Mountain Birds to stop by on Saturday October 23, 2021.

The rescue birds of Wild Mountain Birds plan to be at the Hoot Owl from 2PM to 4PM that day. Comes meet them, learn about the journey and find out more about the dedicated work that goes into rescuing the Hudson Valley's wild mountain bird population. There will most likely be an owl on hand, it is the Hoot Owl Restaurant after all but they may bring other birds as well.

Wild Mountain Birds is a bird sanctuary that does wild bird rescue, rehab and education programs. They accept donations to help pay for the work that they do. You will find them all over the Hudson Valley helping people understand the challenges facing our wild birds. They run educational programs throughout the year. Wild Mountain Birds in based in Rosendale in Ulster County.

Make an afternoon out of it with friends. The Hoot Owl Restaurant at 26 Awosting Road in Pine Bush offers an amazing menu full of delicious healthy items source locally and prepared in house. They serve American food with flair.

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