You are what you eat, is this sandwich what New York State is?

Men's Health put out their list of the most iconic sandwich in each state. Now certain states you can automatically guess what their sandwich would be. Like Maine is obviously the lobster roll. But when I was thinking about what New York's sandwich would be, I couldn't think of an immediate answer.

According to Men's Health, New York State's most iconic sandwich is pastrami on rye. They credit Katz's Delicatessen in New York City with the reason the sandwich is iconic in New York.

Solid sandwich choice, no doubt. But just because it represents New York City does NOT mean it represents all of New York. There's more than the city you know! I'd argue the bacon egg and cheese on a hard roll (saltpepperketchup?) is more representative of New York than pastrami on rye. You can literally get a bacon egg and cheese all over the state, even if it sucks. A bad bacon egg and cheese is better than no bacon egg and cheese. You can't get pastrami on rye everywhere because delis are a downstate New York thing.

What do you think is New York's most iconic sandwich?

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