Remember when V8 juice was a thing? Are they still? As a society, I feel that we are often looking for the next thing to make us healthier whether if it’s a detox, a cleanse or slimming tea. Well say goodbye to it all and welcome back everyone’s favorite veggie, celery!

Peanut butter and celery was THE healthy snack when I was a kid, now I'm throwing celery into a juicer praying it helps with everything that my adult self needs. (At least I think I’m an adult)

Celery juice is the newest, wellness trend going on all over the world.

Wondering how this all got started?

Anthony William is known as The Medical Medium who started the Global Celery Juice Movement. He claims that “Millions of people are healing thanks to drinking 16 ounces of straight celery juice on an empty stomach every day.” Celery juice "is one of the most powerful and healing juices we can drink. Just 16 ounces of fresh celery juice every morning on an empty stomach can transform your health and digestion in as little as one week."

Even celebrities have been raving about this infamous green drink such as Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jenna Dewan, Naomi Campbell, Blake Lively, Meghan Markle and more. Not only did Kim Kardashian claim that celery juice has been helping her psoriasis, others have claimed that it revs their metabolism and keeps them energized! I mean, can we deny anything that our favorite celebs say helps them look and feel better?!

Of course, everyone’s diet and goals are different so what may or may not work with some people could be different for you as well. To each is own, but why not give it a try, and as with everything, consume in moderation.

All of my gym enthusiasts should totally check out this wellness trend. Experts claim that having celery before a workout has shown to improve the quality of strength training and endurance.

Why is this all the buzz?

Celery juice makes me feel healthier and drinking my veggies always tastes better than eating it anyways. This fan favorite veggie has anti-inflammatory substances. Who would have thought that celery improves digestion, decreases bloating, aids with weight loss, provides better mental clarity, and helps to stabilize moods?

The Medical Medium recommends drinking celery juice before your first meal of the day.

Where can we get this green?

Local grocery stories are probably excited that this forgotten veggie has been flying off the shelf. I’ve been to Blend Smoothie and Salad Bar in Middletown and Vitality Bowls in Wappingers Falls and tried celery juice at both spots. If you don’t want to invest in a juicer just yet, these local smoothie shops are in for the win.

The Medical Medium has a specific recipe that I’ve included from his website to show you guys!


1 large bunch of celery


Rinse the celery and run it through a juicer. Drink immediately for best results. Alternatively, you can chop the celery and blend it in a high-speed blender until smooth. Strain well and drink immediately.

He recommends making it fresh and not letting it sit for more than 24 hrs. If you like, try adding cucumbers or apples if you dislike the taste. However, Anthony claims that celery juice works best on its own.

A lot of people have been wondering why juice works better than eating actual celery. The Medical Medium claims that juicing and removing the pulp which is the fiber, is the only way to get those powerful healing benefits. He says that leaving the pulp in will keep you from receiving healing benefits of celery juice.

How will it work?

Personally, I just started drinking celery juice a few days so it’s too early to see any benefits so far. A few of my friends and my sister said that it’s helped them achieve clearer skin, weight loss and more energy. I’m excited to see the benefits and I will keep you guys posted. Have you tried the latest celery juice trend or when will you start? Let me know in the comments section below, I’m totally curious!

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