Just the other day I was in a car with a few friends when it came up that one of us was carrying a small amount of weed. It wasn’t the driver, and we weren’t smoking anything. We got to wondering whether it was actually legal now to carry weed. Which led us to a conversation about what it is and isn’t legal to carry in New York State. 

We were curious about things like pot, pepper spray, and guns. So, I did a little research (also known as using Google) and came up with a list of things that may or may not be legal to carry. Have you found yourself wondering about these things? Here you go…

Is It Legal to Carry These Things in the Hudson Valley?

Answers To Your Questions About What's Legal to Carry

I actually know a lot more about the laws now than I did just a few days ago. Bottom line is, make sure you do your homework before you just start carrying something around that may not be legal. Always better to be safe than sorry.

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