I already have what could be called a "Love/Hate" relationship with my E-Z Pass. I love it because I never have to scrounge for money in the bottom of my bag or the change holder in the car that always seems to be empty when going across the bridge, but fully stocked when I want to get a coffee. 

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My dislike of it? When they bang my credit card for $25 (because I use it, lol and then I need to have it 'filled back up') and then text me about it at 1 AM.

So why are they potentially going to charge us more? Do you just grab you E-Z Pass and carry it from vehicle to vehicle? Do you not have it mounted to the windshield on the license plate?

Pretty much if you just have it hanging out on the dash or if you hold it in your hand when you go through the toll, as of April 11, 2021 you will get banged with a higher toll charge.

Will it be the Tolls-By-Mail higher charge? No, there will be a new Mid-Tier Rate, which is more than the regular rate, but not as much as if they had to send you a bill based on using just your license plate. More on the differences in the actual amounts you will be charged, click here. 

Do you have your tag mounted like it is supposed to be, but still got charged a higher rate? Contact them, via email or phone and talk to them about it. I recently had an issue where my tag did not get read getting off the NYS Thruway so I was charged as if I went all the way to Niagara Falls, nope. Didn't do that. Called them and they fixed it immediately.

Do you keep forgetting to ask for more of those little special clear sticky strip things that mount your tag to the windshield? Request more via your E-Z Pass account, ask at one of their customer service stations or use a bit of patients, go through the regular full-service lane and as the toll collector for a few.

NYC Bridge Tolls Going Up on April 11, 2021

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