If you fire up a new feature on Snapchat you can see exactly what your neighbors are up to, and some of it is quite shocking.

Snapchat has introduced a new maps feature that allows users to view photos and videos that are posted from their area. What has privacy experts concerned is the fact that those photos appear on a map from the exact location where they were taken.

While trying out the feature we found some pretty disturbing images posted from people's homes. One shot of what looks like pounds of illegal marijuana was clearly uploaded from a home in Monroe. The map shows a glowing blue spot over a home in a neighborhood near the center of town. When the spot is clicked the video appears showing the owner's illegal inventory of pot.

Another series of videos shows girls near Newburgh in tight shirts grabbing each others' breasts. One video has a woman pulling off the shirt of another while covering the girls breasts with her hands. What makes this post potentially dangerous is that it's visible to anyone with the app. And those users can track exactly where these girls presumably live on the map.

We found other photos that seemed to be unwise to post with GPS location data, including pictures of kids taking baths, teens using illegal fireworks and young girls dancing in their bedrooms.

We have yet to hear about local law enforcement using the app to track down illegal activity, but there was a story this week about teenagers in Myrtle Beach that were busted breaking into a waterpark after hours after posting photos on Snapchat of the incident.

Parents are urged to familiarize themselves with the features on social media and educate their children on how to protect their privacy while posting online.

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