IKEA's new pet water fountain has been recalled after two dogs got their head stuck in it and died.

Fast Company reports IKEA has issued a recall of their new LURVIG pet water fountain. The fountain has two parts, a main water dish/bowl and a clear dome over top. By the 2 tragic deaths of dogs, it was discovered that smaller animals can get their head stuck in the clear dome.

The official recall on the IKEA site says that it was recalled for a suffocation hazard. According to the recall, IKEA received reports of 2 dogs getting their head stuck in the water fountain, suffocating, and dying.

The LURVIG pet water fountain was sold between October 2017 and June 2018 for $7.99. IKEA urges anyone with the fountain to return it immediately. Fast Company reports that this was one of 75 pet products IKEA introduced in October of 2017.

According to Fast Company, the LURVIG line of pet products from IKEA was designed with a veterinarian to assess risk. Clearly, they didn't assess the risk of the pet water fountain too well.


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