The worst is behind you, GREAT!! Now you can make sure nobody else has to go though what you went through.

If you were one of the many people across the Hudson Valley that has come down with COVID-19, first I hope that your feeling better, second did you know that once you've gotten better, your plasma could save other people lives?

Yes your plasma can, and unfortunately right now the American Red Cross is saying that "convalescent plasma" is in short supply. Convalescent plasma can be used to help COVID-19 patients with the antibodies inside your blood can help boost a patient’s immune response to the coronavirus, according to News 10.

Chief Medical Officer of the American Red Cross, Dr. Pampee Young told News 10 that,

"We just simply can’t keep up so we need as many as our recovered COVID-19 patients as possible to roll up their sleeves and come in and donate."

As we've seen in the Hudson Valley, positive cases of COVID-19 continue to rise, and with that happening, the need for donations is so important. If you or someone you know has had COVID-19 and fully recovered please consider making a donation at any of the following locations,

Hudson Valley Blood Services located at 51 Albany Ave in Kingston
New York Blood Center located at 2070 Route 52 in Hopewell Junction

You can also sign up online to become a convalescent blood donor by filling out a quick form here.

If you've already made a donation, remember that health officials say that any fully recovered COVID-19 patient can give plasma every seven days as long as they still have the antibodies.

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