Oh, your friend is going on vacation and wants you to feed his cat? Do yourself a favor and say no.

Okay, so my buddy takes his family to Cape Cod every year, and somehow I have become the designated person to feed his cat and water his vegetable garden while he's away for the past three years.

Let's get one thing straight, this cats HATES me. Every time I have to go there and feed the damn cat, it hisses at me, attacks me with it's stupid claws, and makes this awful groan of a meow.

I have no idea why this cat hates me, but it should be my friend since I'm the only one feeding it. Oh, did I mention that I'm also allergic to cats. Yeah, so there's that.

My friend told me before he left this year, to try giving her these little treats he has. Well, let me tell you that these treats apparently jack the cat up. I might as well have given spinach to Popeye. This cat ate the treats and was amped up!

Lately, I've been using a baseball glove to to block the cats attacks. Seems to be working, no scratches yet.

Needless to say, feeding this cat is not for me and I can't wait for my friend to return from his vacation.

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