You love your car? You like doing things to your car? Keep it clean, not those things, mods. You like to modify your car? How's your exhaust? Have you tuned it? Have you made it so loud your neighbors can hear you rumbling down the street at all hours of the night?

Guess you didn't do the push button off/on switch for that when you got the stove pipes installed? Yikes. The cool things you did to your car, or should I say the things that you think are cool that you did to your car, might start to cost you some big bucks in fines.

Apparently, shocker, not everyone is a fan of your super loud exhaust, be it on a bike or on a car. This last week in the New York State House and Senate, they passed, by voting, what they call the SLEEP Act. Yeah, when I heard about it, I thought that there was going to be a ban on these loud engines, say between midnight and 8 AM, but that is not how this will work.

The SLEEP Act, Stop Loud and Excessive Exhaust Pollution Act, will actually go after the people who sell and install the parts first, then they will also be ready to fine you, the driver, if you are caught driving a car with these mods. Give me the days of the blacked out windows. Remember, when all you had to do was go to the store and put the tint on yourself? Yes, you learned how to get the bubbles out, but in the end it was worth it. Now, you can get pulled over and the meter put on your window if they even think that it is not letting enough light through.

If this bill get signed, making it into law, then the people who sell and install the loud exhaust parts could face fines from $150 to $1000. If you are caught driving a car (regardless of how awesome you think it is) you can get a ticket with a $500 fine.

We will keep you up-to-date as to whether or not this gets signed. Feel free to send us photos of your hot exhaust!

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