November is right around the corner and unfortunately we are still dealing with COIVD 19. Many of us had hoped that by this point in 2020 we could at least count on getting together with family and friends for the holidays but it looks like that might not be a great idea especially if you were hoping to see them in person.

Instead of cancelling plans altogether why not start now and plan a virtual Thanksgiving with loved ones. Just like our virtual happy hours which were so popular in the beginning of the summer I am hoping that virtual holiday meals will be something we can all enjoy. Nothing will take the place of being there in person but real time video is better than nothing.

I know that in years past there were so many folks I wanted to share the holidays with but I wasn't able to travel to see them. Now, thanks to COVID we think nothing of talking to people via video something that was a little taboo before 2020. So, this year why not a virtual Thanksgiving dinner. It will take some planning in advance but it certainly could be fun.

I came across an article by AARP that gave some great suggestions on how to pull it off. They brought up 4 good points which includes staging a run through which I think is brilliant because you could actually enjoy your favorite holiday meal twice. But, seriously you don't have to go that far. Instead of turkey dinner for your run through it could simply be turkey burgers.

Here are a few ideas I was considering. Everyone could make their own dinner and eat what they want. Believe it or not not everyone enjoys turkey with all the fixings. You could also arrange to have food delivered from your favorite restaurant to all the virtual locations, that way everyone is actually eating the same meal. Virtual Thanksgiving could even result in you seeing more people over the holidays because your won't have to waste all your time driving.

So let's get planning and make Thanksgiving 2020 a Virtual Success.


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