When I think back on my favorite summertime memories from my childhood, going to the ice cream stand is definitely one of them. It was a big treat when my dad would pack the family into the car for a trip to our favorite ice cream stand on a hot summer evening. For me it was always a vanilla cone dipped in chocolate, or if I was feeling daring, dipped in cherry. When we were really young, we’d end up being drippy, sticky messes, but boy were we happy.

Fast forward a decade or two. It was in the late 1980s that I first went to Mickey’s Igloo in Kingston. I was an adult by then, and I remember some of my Kingston friends being amazed that I hadn’t ever gone to Mickey’s Igloo. So, even back then Mickey’s was an iconic ice cream stand in Kingston. And the only reason I’d never been there is because I didn’t grow up in the Kingston area. Everybody who has spent any time in Kingston is familiar with Mickey’s Igloo. It’s been there forever and it serves quality ice cream. Which is why I was surprised by what I saw the other day.

I just happened to be on a commercial real estate website for Ulster County, and I saw that Mickey’s Igloo is for sale. What? This great ice cream stand is for sale? Could this be the end of one of Kingston’s favorite summer hangouts? I sure hope not. And just to be clear, Mickey's is for sale, but that doesn't mean they're closing.

Maybe this is the perfect opportunity for someone who has always wanted to run a business where you make people smile. Every single time they come to you. How cool does that sound? Not to mention the fact that you get to be around delicious frozen treats all day, every day. If I had money to invest, this might just be where I’d put it. Sadly I don’t, but if you do, please don’t change it too much. Mickey’s Igloo is well loved, and we’d hate to see it go.

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