Sure, the Hudson Valley is known for famous residents, especially over the past couple of years. There are lots of movies being filmed in our area, so it’s not that unusual to spot a star every now and then. We have lots of movie and rock stars. But there are other kinds of stars. Like Duke Devlin.

If you’ve never heard of Duke Devlin, you’re missing out on a fascinating story. In a nutshell, Duke Devlin came to Bethel, N.Y. back in 1969. He wasn’t originally in the area for the Woodstock Arts and Music Festival, but since he WAS in the area, he headed to Bethel, got a job working at the festival and never left. That’s right, he stayed in Bethel. Duke got a good job at Sullivan Boces, and he made a nice life for himself. And his life in Bethel all started at the Woodstock Festival in 1969. A lot people who attended that festival got to know Duke.

Fast forward a few decades. Bethel Woods Center for the Arts opens up as a beautiful venue on the site of the original concert. Duke Devlin is still a resident of the town, and he becomes sort of an ambassador at Bethel Woods. Greeting people, talking to people, and educating them about Woodstock and Bethel Woods. Now that’s a star. And he’s being recognized in a very cool way.

Duke is getting his own action figure. Okay, action figure may be an exaggeration, but these Duke-style figures are handcrafted by Farmhouse Traders right in Bethel, with wool from the Hudson Valley, and they’re available at the Bethel Market Cafe, the Secret Garden, and the Sullivan County Visitors Association.

Congratulations Duke! You know you’ve made it when they fashion a doll, action figure or adorable local felt figure after you. And nobody deserves it more.

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