Hudson Valley Restaurant Week (HVRW) returns on Monday March 6, 2017 and if you are interested in going, now is the time to make you some reservations. Just to note, the definition of reservation that I am going with is the 'to make reservations' where you contact the establishment to make sure that they have a spot for you and your guests to dine.

To have a reservation, that is different. This would be that you potentially have a bad feeling about something. Do not confuse this with the reservations mentioned in the first paragraph. Call the restaurant now to make sure you don't miss out on the great food and experience that is HVRW.

This edition of Hudson Valley Restaurant Week 2017, part 1 (part two will take place in November) runs Monday, March 6 through Sunday March 19, 2017.  During these special times you with get a three course lunch or dinners at special prices. (Yes, it’s more than seven days, but that’s good for us!)

Prices for lunch are $22.95 and dinners are $32.95. This price is just for your three-course meal; beverages, tax and gratuity will be additional. Not all of the Hudson Valley Restaurant Week restaurants are participating in both the lunch and dinner offers, so you should contact the restaurant directly to verify.

Please call the restaurant ahead and ask if they take reservations. If they do it is in your best interest to go ahead and reserve a spot. But if you make a reservation, show up 10 minutes before the actual reservation — do not be late. Also, when you do go to the restaurant that you have selected, remember that most will see an increase in business and could possibly be a tad short staffed. Be patient and courteous and you will be rewarded with great food.


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