Your vote could help him win the prestigious title while benefiting local charities.

Dad bod is not something that you only celebrate once a year. Some would argue that it is a lifestyle. If you can't be proud of your dad bod all 365 days of the year then you're doing it wrong.

Dad bod is phenomenon that has gotten a lot of traction in recent years. If you have been living under a rock and don't know what it is, dad bod is a movement for body positivity for dad who aren't exactly spending their free time at the gym.

People with dad bods generally have strong arms from carrying kids all day but get a little soft everywhere else. One of the most important attributes to a good dad bod isn't physical at all. It's the confidence.

It's not Father's Day yet. We're a bit early for that and only dads get gifts on June 19 but the entire Hudson Valley and even beyond is getting a treat.

Legendary Dad Bod is holding a competition to find the best dad bod on the planet. We might not need to look very far. The best dad bod is right here in the Hudson Valley.

Local comedian and local business owner, Dan McRitchie has entered the contest and he needs your votes. You can vote for his legendary dad bod and support the B+ Foundation, organization that helps fight childhood cancer.

McRitchie has also said that some of proceeds will support Foodstock, a local food pantry fundraiser along with Mental Health Awareness of Dutchess County.

You vote easily or donate by clicking here.

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