Officials from the Hudson Valley don't think the region will be allowed to start reopening on May 15.

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On Monday, Gov. Cuomo announced New York State on PAUSE is going to be extended in many parts of the state. The day before, he outlined a phased plan to re-open New York and re-imagine a "new normal.”

But, on Monday Cuomo said the mandate which closed all non-essential businesses in New York State until May 15, will get be extended in most of New York.

He did say some parts of New York will be allowed to gradually open around May 15. The Governor added local officials need to start thinking about what reopening will mean for that area.

"We are taking a regional approach to safely reopening NYS," Cuomo said. "Each region is facing its own set of facts. Protecting public health comes first and all decisions will be data-driven."

Cuomo didn’t give more details about what parts of New York will be allowed to start reopening on May 15, but officials from the Hudson Valley don't think the local area will be part of the first group to reopen.

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"It is unlikely Dutchess County will reopen with the first group," the Dutchess Business Notification Network said in a press release. "Phase One will allow construction and low-risk manufacturing to open, with a two-week minimum before Phase Two can take place. Phase Two will analyze a business' priority and risk level of reopening before determining if they can reopen."

Live Updates: Coronavirus in the Hudson Valley

Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus agrees and tells residents to "be patient.

"Nothing is concrete yet. There's been a lot of discussions. We are trying to put together a plan that is palatable, but that's also doesn't set us back to have a relapse with the virus," Neuhaus said.

The Orange County Executive said he recently had a great call with the executives of Ulster and Dutchess counties talking about opening businesses in "hopefully the near future."

Neuhaus says to anticipate covering your face when businesses reopen and social distancing will still need to be practiced. He added there are talks of limiting the number of people allowed in restaurants, once those businesses are allowed to reopen.

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