It will be hard for us to not enjoy the beautiful weather that the Hudson Valley will be experiencing over the next few weeks but it is also important we don't loose ground in the fight against COVID 19. Over the weekend one Hudson Valley community popular with tourist and outdoor enthusiasts had to manage a few situations were social distancing was in question. This has resulted in them putting together a plan going forward.

New Paltz Emergency Preparedness share this today on their Facebook as a result of some situations that arose over the weekend

The Facebook post that was released by New Paltz Emergency Preparedness on Monday (4-20-2020) afternoon included a lot of information. Some of it was very specific to public interaction during this time of "pause" in New York. They also reminded us not assume that all family units look the same. Some groups people sheltering in place maybe larger then you expect and could be a non-tradition family. In New Paltz in particular you have college students who rent still in town and sheltering together.

They also stated that "Looking forward, in expectation that New Paltz will continue to be a magnet for outdoor activities, we are: planning to increase our police foot and bike patrols on days with increased outdoor activities; planning to increase signage at our entryways and along the Main Street corridor, as well as supplying businesses and organizations with flyers to post; and next weekend, several village and town elected officials will be setting up info tables at strategic locations as well as walking our crowded spaces to inform people about the rules and offer face-coverings to people who need them."

The most important thing we can all remember is to stay calm and know that if there is something that you need to report there is a procedure in place. It will be a while before we can all gather again casually but it will happen and we can't let this virus rob us of that experience.

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