A Hudson Valley teenager who saved two young girls from likely death received one of the highest honors possible.

In the below video, Hudson Valley Post was there when Cullen received his high honor. Cullen told us what was racing through his mind as he saved two 17-year-old girls. We also had the chance to speak with one of the girls he saved and his father.

Cullen Malzo, 19, from Mahopac doesn’t think he’s a hero, but it’s hard to find a better word to describe him. On Nov. 10, Cullen was standing in his driveway when he heard a crash.

A car going 20 miles over the speed limit crashed and landed upside down in Lake Mahopac. Inside the car, two 17-year-old girls.

"It was a scary moment, I’ve never felt that scared before," Cullen Malzo told Hudson Valley Post.

Cullen called 911, well he admitted he first typed in 911 to his phone's calculator. He then really called 911 and, without hesitation, bravely jumped into freezing and muddy water. With a rock, he smashed a window, and pulled the girls out of their sinking car to safety.

On Wednesday, state Sen. Terrance Murphy presented Cullen with one of the highest civilian honors, the New York State Senate Liberty Medal.

“We would be going two funerals," Senator Terrance Murphy said. "Not recognizing one of our heroes, if it wasn't for his quick thinking and reaction."

The award is given out to people for their exceptional heroic acts -- and even if he doesn’t feel like a hero, it’s an award that’s meant for Cullen.



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