A Hudson Valley store owner is planning to defy orders from a "tyrannical dictator" and reopen this weekend.

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On Saturday at 9 a.m. Casa Di Dolore in Newburgh will reopen.

"Casa Di Dolore will be opening in direct defiance of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's executive orders. This is a display of defiance against a tyrannical dictator, and a reminder that our rights shall not be friends," Casa Di Dolore wrote in a Facebook photo to announce the reopening. "We will be respectfully demanding law enforcement to uphold the oath they took to the constitution and to stand in solidarity with We The People in defiance of highly unconstitutional orders that directly violate their oath."

The tattoo and piercing shop located on Broadway in Newburgh is calling the reopening a "NY Freedom Rally."

"As we honor our fallen heroes this Memorial Day Weekend, let us reflect on the freedom and liberty they so selflessly made the ultimate sacrifice for. I implore you to honor these freedoms, and defend what these brave Americans lost their lives for," Casa Di Dolore wrote in a Facebook post to announce the reopening plans.

Live Updates: Coronavirus in the Hudson Valley

On Tuesday, the Mid-Hudson Region entered Phase 1 of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's four-phased reopening plan. It's expected that tattoo shops will be allowed to reopen during Phase 2.

It's expected the Hudson Valley will enter Phase 2 in about two weeks, though officials are optimistic the timeline could be accelerated.

Cuomo has noted a region's reopening will be shut down if there's a new spike in COVID-19 cases.

A request for comment from the Casa Di Dolore hasn't been returned as of this writing.

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