A Hudson Valley school district has been accused of promoting racism by an alumna for a picture posted on their Facebook.

A former student of Minisink Valley Central School District, Rhea Signh tweeted that the district was promoting racism with a picture posted on their Facebook page in honor of spirit week. The image showed three caucasian students wearing Asian style rice farmer hats.

When asked for comment, Minisink Central School District replied saying:

Good morning! Thank you for reaching out. The Facebook photo referenced in the tweet was posted in error and should not have been published. The former student who pointed out that it was insensitive was correct. It was an oversight that is being addressed internally among administrators and students. We did apologize to the student and removed the photo from the district's Facebook page. We celebrate the diversity of our student body and are committed to ensuring ALL of our students feel respected and included in our school community. This incident has prompted us to acknowledge that we have more work to do in this area. Wishing you a good day!

When I checked the evening of Thursday, September 27 the image was removed. It is unclear when specifically the image was taken down. Clicking on Singh's tweet will lead you to the image.

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