They are at it again. There is a group of scammers that want you to think they are contacting you from the Department of Motor Vehicles. This time they claim they are giving you money. Don't fall for it.

This particular scam has been going around in various states and now it seems it has reached New York and the Hudson Valley. The other day I woke up to a text saying because I was a safe drive I could be entitled to money.

The Text

photo by PQ
photo by PQ

Sadly these scammers never had a chance with me with this scam. I am a safe driver and for the most part I obey all posted traffic signs but if you ask my husband no one would be giving me money for being a "safe" driver.

I regularly take the roads less traveled, constantly get the car stuck in places it should be and apparently I don't use the brake enough and when I do I stomp on it. Of course I feel all of these are just matter of opinion. But seriously don't fall for this latest scam.

Earlier this year the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (NYS DMV) released a warning about increased phishing scams using the DMV. I actually received that scam as well, it basically asked you to submit information through a link so the DMV could renew your license.

The NYS DMV still has that warning posted on their website and I am sure they will be updating it with this scam as well. Sadly, now a days it is almost impossible to go a week without receive some kind of scam communication. BE safe, don't give anyone your information and as a rule if it seems to good to be truth than it probably isn't.

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