A highly rated Hudson Valley resort has plans for a major addition.

According to a Dodge Global Network report, Buttermilk Falls Inn&Spa has plans for a major expansion. The project is expected to cost up to $300,000. The plans are still in the planning and approval stages, so nothing is set in stone.

If the project is approved, the Dodge Global Network report says that Buttermilk Falls would be adding 2,800 square feet to the spa. The space would be used to add to the locker rooms and lounge space. The addition would also be used to create a quiet room, meditation area, and 5 additional treatment rooms.

Before anything can happen with the expansion, Buttermilk Falls Inn&Spa has to get town approval(s). This is just proposed/planned construction at the time. The report does not mention if the hotel portion of the resort would be added on to.

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