The Newburgh Brewing Company is now delivering handmade empanadas along with beer to Hudson Valley residents.

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The Newburgh Brewing Company has been helping Hudson Valley residents deal with the COVID-19 pandemic by delivering beer to anyone in the Hudson Valley that's within 25 miles from the Newburgh business. The Newburgh Brewing Company has been offering next-day delivery, seven days a week, as long as your order is in by 9 p.m.

On Wednesday, the company announced they will now also deliver handmade empanadas.

"For the last week, we’ve been working with our kitchen staff to develop a food option for delivery. With so many fantastic restaurants offering delivery & pickup, we wanted to try something a little different. So we thought instead of offering food to be eaten right away, we could offer you something to put in your freezer... and re-heat whenever the mood strikes you. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or anytime in between," the Newburgh Brewing Company wrote on Facebook.

The empanadas come in a box of six and cost $15. They are made with beef, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, onions and garlic. Adding empanadas allows the company to bring its kitchen staff back to work, officials say.

There is a $20 minimum for all deliveries. A Newburgh Brewing Company spokesperson says the delivery minimum applies to empanadas as well.

"With an order of Empanadas, you would need to order something else to meet the minimum," a spokesperson told Hudson Valley Post.

According to the spokesperson, adding one four-pack of any beer with an order of empanadas would get you past the delivery minimum, or you can order two boxes of empanadas.

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