A top Hudson Valley official confirmed residents are "getting sick again with COVID."

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On Tuesday, Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus confirmed 203 people tested positive for COVID-19 since Monday, which is the highest one-day total reported in Orange County since May 1.

Later in his "COVID-19 Update for Tuesday, November 17th, 2020," Neuhaus answered questions from Orange County residents and confirmed he's seen people get reinfected with COVID-19.

"Have we had people in Orange County reinfected? Yes," Neuhaus said. "That's one of the craziest things I got to deal with on a regular basis is telling not only elected officials and other people, and smart people [that] people that have gotten sick in March and April that why did they get sick again? Well, you know scientists have said that you can get sick again. So yes, you can get sick again. And yes, we are seeing Orange County residents getting sick again with COVID."

Neuhaus also noted Newburgh, Middletown and the Town of New Windsor have seen the biggest surge in cases in Orange County. The Orange County Executive then went on to say he believes those areas will enter a Yellow Zone in a matter of hours.

Back in April a mother and teacher from the lower Hudson Valley said she tested positive for COVID-19 again in a second test some 21 days after first showing symptoms.


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