If you've been thinking about spicing up your home holiday decoration game we may have just the thing for you - a colored Christmas tree.

Forget the traditional green trees that can be found in every other home during the holidays, why not introduce some color and opt for something a bit, edgier?  Pink, blue, red and a variety of other colored LIVE trees are available locally, at Devitt's Nursery and Supply in New Windsor.

If you're worried about finding that perfect tree in the perfect color, fear no more!  According to their Facebook post about the tree offerings, you can pick your perfect tree from Devitt's, and they'll paint it for you.  The paint is specifically designed for trees, too, so it doesn't impact the lifespan of your tree either.

If you really want to kick it up a notch, why not consider picking up the matching colored wreath to go with your vibrant colored tree!

Photo Credit: Devitt's
Photo Credit: Devitt's

If you're heading to Devitt's to pick out your perfect tree, don't forget to swing by and visit with Eggbert, a local legend and must-see for the holiday season!

Will you stray from the classic green this year and add a splash of color to your decorations?

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