Hudson Valley McDonald’s is making many workers who graduated high school during the COVID-19 pandemic feel special.

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The coronavirus pandemic has made things a bit different for high school seniors. Schools closing meant that seniors didn't get to go to prom or see their friends during their final days as classmates. It also forced the cancellation of some graduations or graduations with many COVID-19 related restrictions.

Albert Wilder, the owner and operator of a number of McDonald's in the area, threw a graduation celebration for 23 employees in the Hudson Valley across four different McDonald’s restaurant locations.

"With the cancellation of graduation ceremonies across the country, this McDonald’s is taking matters into its own hands to recognize the hard work of student crew members," a spokesperson told Hudson Valley Post in an email.

The 23 graduates were treated to a celebration with co-workers, food, cake, graduation hats and lots of festive decorations, officials say.

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