A Hudson Valley man sold heroin to an undercover officer with two very young children in his car.

In Putnam County Court, 50-year-old Phillip Callaci of Mahopac was sentenced to two years in prison and two years post release supervision after pleading guilty to criminal possession of a controlled substance.

According to the Putnam County District Attorney’s Office, In Oct. 2016, Philip C. Callaci and a woman drove to the parking lot of a Mahopac gas station to sell heroin to a buyer.

The couple’s two young children, a 2-year-old and 3-week infant, were in the car during the drug deal, police say. After the heroin sale was complete, authorities arrested the couple and allegedly seized heroin from their car.

The buyer, was an undercover deputy sheriff working as part a buy-and-bust team of the Putnam County Sheriff’s Narcotics Enforcement Unit.

Because children were in the car, the Putnam County District Attorney’s Office refused any plea offer that didn’t include a prison sentence, officials say.

“Heroin kills, it’s that simple. My office will continue to use every resource to punish those who push these drugs in to our community,” District Attorney Robert Tendy said.

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