Another day, another sight to be seen in the Hudson Valley skies. Well, hopefully.

The past few weeks have been pretty crazy in the skies. Last weekend the international space station flew over the Hudson Valley and a NASA rocket that was launched from Virginia was seen flying high over the Valley.

We've had a few full moons and meteor showers that we got to experience as we stargazed in our backyards. Lucky for us at the end of the month we have a lunar eclipse to look forward to.

According to USA Today, next Wednesday, May 26th, there will be a Lunar Eclipse as well as a Super Blood Moon in the "pre-dawn sky." USA Today explains:

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth is between the full moon and the sun. The Earth's shadow covers the moon, which often has a red color, hence the "blood" moon nickname.

This Super Blood Moon-Lunar Eclipse combo doesn't require special glasses, however binoculars and a telescope will give you the best view of the sky show.

However, the Hudson Valley and basically the whole east coast won't be able to enjoy the view.  The Farmer Almanac said that "people who live along the East Coast won’t see much of anything eclipse-related" as reported by USA Today.

Know any friends on the west coast? More specifically Hawaii? Apparently they're getting the best view of this Lunar Eclipse / Super Blood Moon.

Check in with NASA and The Farmers Almanac for live views of the May 26th Lunar Eclipse. And maybe take a quick glance at the Hudson Valley sky, who knows what you'll see.

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