The world's longest elevated pedestrian bridge is thanking frontline workers from the Hudson Valley during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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To honor those on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park was illuminated by more than 1,300 lights to spell out "THANK YOU!"

The 200 foot light display transformed one of the Hudson Valley’s most iconic landmarks into the region's biggest display of gratitude to the essential workers who are trying to keep local residents healthy and functioning, officials say.

“We hope that through this grand display across the Walkway frontline workers know just how much we appreciate their tremendous efforts,” Friends of the Walkway Executive Director said Elizabeth Waldstein said in a press release. "That includes our partners at New York State Parks and the Walkway park management team, all of whom have gone above-and-beyond to ensure the bridge can remain open for those needing an outdoor respite.”

In the near future, photos of the "THANK YOU!" light display will be given to emergency rooms, grocery stores, police stations, fire departments and other key parts of the Hudson Valley, officials say.

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“The Walkway is one of the icons of the Hudson Valley, and there is no more fitting location to serve as the backdrop for this impressive gesture of thanks,” Friends of the Walkway Board of Directors chairman John Storyk said. “In addition to a big thank you to frontline workers, I want to also extend thanks to everyone that lent their time and talents to create this spectacle.”

Officials say everyone involved in the light display practiced social distancing during the installation, which included wearing face coverings and working in shifts to avoid gathering.

“When the bridge first opened in the 1890s, it was known as The Great Connector, and I think it lived up to that nickname here,” New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation Regional Director Taconic Region Linda Cooper said. “We’re proud of the role that Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park plays in our community and that the bridge is able to be open at this time for people to get fresh air and exercise while taking in remarkable views.”

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